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Cdrtools added to repository

Last update on Feb. 10, 2015.

Cdrtools added to repository

Cdrtools has been added to the Kwheezy repository.

Cdrtools is a collection of command line tools for CD, DVD and Blueray support. The most notable being cdrecord, a burning tool. It also includes tools for ripping music, making ISO images and working with them. K3B, the graphical utility uses cdrecord (AKA wodim) in the background.

The package is available from Apper or apt-get and is named "cdrtools".

The package contains the folowing tools:

  • cdrecord  -  A CD/DVD/BD recording program
  • readcd  -  A program to read CD/DVD/BD media with CD-clone features
  • cdda2wav  -  The most evolved CD-audio extraction program with ...

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