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Cdrtools added to repository

Last update on Feb. 10, 2015.

Cdrtools added to repository

Cdrtools has been added to the Kwheezy repository.

Cdrtools is a collection of command line tools for CD, DVD and Blueray support. The most notable being cdrecord, a burning tool. It also includes tools for ripping music, making ISO images and working with them. K3B, the graphical utility uses cdrecord (AKA wodim) in the background.

The package is available from Apper or apt-get and is named "cdrtools".

The package contains the folowing tools:

  • cdrecord  -  A CD/DVD/BD recording program
  • readcd  -  A program to read CD/DVD/BD media with CD-clone features
  • cdda2wav  -  The most evolved CD-audio extraction program with ...

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Steam client package added

Last update on Sept. 15, 2013.

The Steam client by Valve software is now in the Kwheezy repository.

The Steam for Linux client gives you access to games in the Steam Store.

To install, open Apper and apply updates. Then type "steam" in the search field. The package is called "steam-debian".

The steam-debian package is courtesy of Keith Henderson AKA GhostSquad57. It was he and possibly the work of others that ported the steam client from Ubuntu to Debian Wheezy.

I've tested it with Nvidia proprietary drivers that come with Kwheezy (the Debain Wheezy version) and it seems to work great so far. Even on ...

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Updated rekonq (KDE Browser) to v2.3.2

Last update on Oct. 6, 2013.

rekonq, a KDE browser, has been updated to version 2.3.2 in the Kwheezy repository.

The Debian wheezy version is very dated (v0.9.2). I find that it crashes on a few sites, and although it is my favourite browser, I ended up using Firefox almost exclusively. Maybe I'll be able to live in rekonq now that we have an up-to-date version.

Rekonq is native to KDE, therefore it integrates nicely into KDE and the other KDE apps. For example, it supports KIO slaves, so that you can save to network folders setup in Dolphin.

It is ...

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New package: plasma-widget-daisy

Last update on Oct. 6, 2013.

plasma-widget-daisy has been added to the Kwheezy repository.

Daisy Plasma Widget is "An icon launcher for Plasma, inspired by Nature". Visit the project website here.

This one is for lemorte, who was struggling to get it installed. It is not in the wheezy repository, probably just because there is no maintainer. Hopefully others may find it useful also.

It's a shame it doesn't have support for Clementine. I would like it myself on my desktop for controlling Clementine.

To install, just use Apper or apt-get. You may need to refresh the repository indexes first (if unsure, check for ...

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