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Bumblebee - Nvidia Optimus support

Last update on Nov. 13, 2014.

Bumblebee - Nvidia Optimus support

Bumblebee setup guide (Nvidia Optimus support)

Credit: This guide was written by Alex Temchenko, thanks Alex, i hope this helps people get there Optimus graphics working. Please give feedback on the Kwheezy forums, and thank Alex if this guide helped you get it working.


a) about
b) bumblebee on kwheezy
c) useful links

a) about

this guide describes how to install and test Bumblebee with proprietary Nvidia drivers (thereafter "bumblebee") in KWheezy 1.5 64bit (kwheezy-1.5-64bit.iso) on computers with Nvidia Optimus video card.

it was written after applying the SolydXK Bumblebee installation tutorial

https://www.forums.solydxk.com ...

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