Remastering with kwheezy-livecd

Last update on Sept. 20, 2013.

Remastering with kwheezy-livecd

kwheezy-livecd is a powerful yet incredibly simple command line tool that will remaster your system.

This guide is recommended for intermediate to advanced users.
Although anyone can do it, as it is very easy. 

It can be used for several reasons:

  • To make a backup of your system for later restoration.
  • To create a customized Debian 7 installer of your own. Your own distro if you like. Whether it's just for yourself to clone your machines or to give to friends / relatives.
  • You can strip it down, install other DE's and yet still use the easy peasy Kwheezy installer.
  • To make a customized persistent Live USB to carry around with you.

Kwheezy is mastered with kwheezy-livecd!

To remaster with kwheezy-livecd, it is recommend to login to the Administrator account.

Your user accounts will also be preserved and usable after installing the resulting ISO image. However it is not recommended to remaster your data as well. The image has a maximum size limit of 4.0GB, Kwheezy itself is already 3.7GB. You can uninstall unwanted software but it won't free up a huge amount.

It's best to try it out on a fresh install to familiarize your self with it.

Configuration options: the configuration options are in the following files:


The 'excludes' file is the most important. You will probably want to exclude your large personal data, or network folders. The syntax is fairly self explanatory.

Now, how do we use it?.....

sudo kwheezy-livecd

Yep, that's it! Easy enough for you?

After it completes (can take several hours), the resulting iso will be in /home/kwheezy-livecd/ along with a log file and the iso's md5sum.

Optionally, to clean up afterwards (after burning to disk or copying the image), run the command:

sudo kwheezy-livecd clean

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