How to use Kwheezy Toggle Screens

Last update on Sept. 20, 2013.

How to use Kwheezy Toggle Screens

Kwheezy Toggle Screens is a tool for helping you switch (toggle) the graphical output (screen) between display devices. This could be a projector, an external monitor or a TV. It assumes you have a primary screen, usually an internal monitor on a laptop. It is more useful for laptops that need to quickly setup on a projector or other screen device.

When you first login after installation. Kwheezy Toggle Screens will try to get some information from your Primary display. If this fails, then the first time you run it, it will ask you to remove the secondary device (screen) and make sure the primary screen is attached. Then it will get the information it needs. This can also be run at any time by using the command:

kwheezy-toggle-screens config

Ignore the messages about permissions, making sure only the primary display is plugged in.

Ok, so now for normal operation. Plug in the secondary device and double click on the "Kwheezy Toggle Screens" icon on the desktop. A list of options appears. At the top, are the auto modes, and below are preset resolutions. In each case you can choose to send the display to both (cloning) or only to the secondary screen (projector/external monitor/TV). Please note that cloning can only occur if both devices support the same resolutions. The auto mode will detect the highest resolution that will work. So sometimes it may be better to use secondary screen only, in order to get the optimal resolution.

Kwheezy Toggle Screens - screenshot

Choose the option that best suits your needs, start with auto. Hopefully you get the screens setup the way you want. there is a timeout of ~20 seconds before the screen reverts back. If you like the resultant output, agnowledge the popup to disable the timeout and proceed. If your screens go blank, wait for it revert back.

Next it will ask if you want to use "Presentation mode". This basically turns on auto hide for the bottom panel (taskbar), good for presentations. It will turn it back off afterwards. You can cancel this step and proceed. Lastly, it will ask if you are ready to adjust desktop.  If you choose yes, it will restart plasma desktop so that (hopefully) everything is resized to the new resolution. If it already looks good, answer no and proceed.

That's it, you can now use the secondary screen. To revert back: either 1.) re-run the  "Kwheezy Toggle Screens" tool, or 2.) unplug the secondary device, it will auto-detect that it is missing and revert back. Similar questions are asked about adjusting the desktop as previously.

Try different options, see what works best.

Always try to test it ahead of a presentation. And ask for help on the Kwheezy support channels if it doesn't work. I would love to improve it. 

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