How to install and update software

Last update on Oct. 6, 2013.

How to install and update software

This guide will briefly show you how to install and update software in Kwheezy.

Both these tasks are done using a program called Apper. It is a software manager that connects to the Debian and Kwheezy repositories over the internet. It's a bit like the Apple AppStore, or the Google Play Store. Infact the Linux/BSD distributions invented this way of installing software. Those proprietary stores were inspired by the open source way of distributing software.

The first thing to do is open Apper. Go to the launcher menu (botom left) and then select System -> Apper.

Now you will see something like this (screenshot):

Installing Software:

You may browse through the categories to find software of a particular genre.

Also, perhaps a quicker way is to search for something you need. For example, we want to publish some content on the web.

So, let's search: near the top you'll notice a search bar, to the right of it a drop-down list. Select "Find by description" from the list. Then type "publish" in the search bar. Hit enter and it will search the repository for you, looking for packages (small bundles of software) that match that description.

As seen below, my search revealed many results, one of which is libreoffice-wiki-publisher.

As can be seen from the description it's an extension to "publish" MediaWiki articles using LibreOffice.

To install the package, click on the line in the list of results coresponding to the package. Then an "Install" button appears at the right hand side. Click on that. At this stage you can browse and select other software packages in the same way. When finished, click the Apply button at the bottom right.

Now you will see a dialog (popup) asking if you want to make additional changes. These are required dependencies, just click on Continue to proceed.

Then we are prompted for the root password. Enter it and proceed.


Apper will then go and download the packages from the repositories on the internet and install them for you. Once finished. usually, you can launch it from the application launcher the same as any other application. In this case, it is an extension, so it will not be an extra entry in the menu.

Updating the system, and all software within.

With the Apper main window open (you may need to press the back arrow). You should see a button labelled "Update", with a cog and a green arrow pointing clockwise. Click on this and we are taken to the Updates section.

Click on the "Check for new updates" button at the top. It may take a few minutes. Basically it is checking the indexes (lists) on the repositories for information about updated packages. In a Linux distribution, everything is in package, even the operating system itself.

Once it completes, there may be a list of updates to apply. make sure they are selected (a tick to the left of the packages). then click the Apply button. Now it will download the packages and install them, replacing the version already installed.

Now your system is completely up to date! Including all the applications.

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