Netflix Desktop installation guide

Last update on Nov. 13, 2014.

Netflix Desktop installation guide

Netflix Desktop installation Guide

Disclaimer: This guide has not been tested since I am residing in a country that is not permitted to the Netflix service. It also uses 3rd party repositories of which you , the administrator of your system, will have to trust yourself.

Credit: The netflix-desktop package is provided courtesy of DarkPlayer via the OpenSuse build service.

Instructions to install netflix-desktop:

1.) Login as root in the terminal (F12 for Yakuake, otherwise run Konsole), use the comand "su -" to login as root (providing root password).

2.) Add the repository key to your trusted keyring:

# wget\

apt-key add Release.key

# echo "deb\

:/DarkPlayer:/Pipelight/Debian_7.0/ ./"\
 > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/netflix-desktop.list

# apt-get update

3.) Install the netflix-desktop package:

# apt-get install netflix-desktop

4.) Answer yes to the prompt, it will install a list of other packages (dependencies) as well.

OK, that should be it installed. You will see an icon for Netflix Desktop in the Multimedia category of your start menu.

Note: It can take a long time on first start up, just wait. If it doesn't start or you have problems when wine installs wine-mono and wine-gecko, delete the .wine-browser directory in your home folder and try again:

$ cd ~
$ rm -rf .wine-browser

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