Version 1.3 released!

Last update on Nov. 20, 2013.

Version 1.3 released!

Version 1.3 is now available from the download page.

This release focuses on improving the installation and post-install process. Also there is quite a bit of tidying up and polishing.

Changes in version 1.3:

  • Updated to Debian 7.2
  • Added GPT partitioning support to the installer (requires BIOS/Legacy boot).
  • A new post-installation wizard adds polish. Hopefully the need to add a regular user account will be clearer.
  • A few redundant (duplicate functionality) applications have been removed.
  • The administrator account has UID/GID changed to 999, so the first real user will be 1000. Thus, more compatable with other distro's.
  • The menu has been tidied up, so it should be easier to browse.
  • Kwheezy Keyboard Selector now has a textbox for testing the new configuration.
  • Some other minor tweaks and polish.

Version 1.2 installations can be upgraded to 1.3 via Apper or apt-get.

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  1. gmr on 10/26/2013 12:29 a.m. #

    Lets say, that I have a lap with 2 drives, one, running W7 and Debian 7.2 on the other one.(64 b)

    I have tested kwheeze 1.2 installing on an external drive, but suddenly, after the first steps, was very confuse for me, to decide on which drive I must install MBR.
    BTW, runs very well!

    As soon as I have an oportunity in time, -I am a MD- with your gently instructions, I will download and install kwheeze 1.3 on the lap's second drive.

    In other point, where may I suscribe to participate with kwheeze forums?

  2. johny on 10/26/2013 12:46 a.m. #

    i tested these version today and is excelent.And better than before. I will recomennd to others also.
    But do you have a chance to add skype, bitcoin, tor button to the next version? Would be great to be out of the box 100 %.
    By the way thanks and keep the spirit up.

  3. Zebedee Boss on 10/26/2013 11:40 a.m. #

    Hi, Great release.

    Love the look and feel - It Simply Works :)

    1 possible addition before installation occurs. A quick recap of what is going to be done rather than just "WARNING WARNING WARNING Will Robinson"

    It may scare some people off from installing, if it doesnt finally remind them of what they have chosen.

    Thank You


    Linux is still a pain in the A... to really learn but Distro's like this really do help :)

  4. euan on 10/26/2013 2:05 p.m. #

    @gmr: Kwheezy installs it's bootloader to the drive you are installing to. This means that you must tell your BIOS to boot that drive. I think this can be done with external drives too, but I'm not 100% sure.

    Register an account on SourceForge and you can post on forums, it's easy.

    @johny: Thanks for the positive feedback, glad you like it. Actually most reviews and feedback suggest Kwheezy is too full of apps. Also, Skype would make it 3 IM/Video call apps, and it's closed source. Bitcoin is still not mainstream enough. I don't want to add more apps, 3.8GB is getting too big already.

    @Zebedee Boss: Thanks for the feedback, glad you appreciate the linux newbie friendliness. I will consider your suggestions in the next release. However, a warning is still nescessary, even if it just reminds them to backup first. They can alwats press back button to review partition layout. But your points are valid, needs some thought. :-)

  5. luizlmarins on 10/28/2013 1:09 a.m. #

    Very good, but I think the name should be KDEBIAN.

  6. euan on 10/28/2013 9:01 a.m. #

    @luizlmarins: Thanks for the feedback, the name for the distro in Debain 8 and above has already be discussed in a few other threads. On the forum too. Kebian is the one I'm swaying towards the most. In fact I snapped up just in case, is already taken, although not used. It's not for definate yet, but domain names are cheap enough to reserve.

  7. Cris on 10/28/2013 3:41 p.m. #

    Finally, a Debian-based distro that works great. Thank you for this O.S..
    Kebian is a great name.

  8. W. Anderson on 10/29/2013 2:27 a.m. #

    I had tested and installed KWheezy 1.2 - planned as my primary workstation OS - which is the very first distribution that fit my preferences perfectly in recent years, after almost a decade of working from Gentoo based distributions.

    Two problems came up however, NOT changed or fixed in release 1.3 - that forced me to revert back to temporary use of PCLinuxOS (a good desktop for Windows users) that I wish could be addressed:

    1. I cannot import my Firefox rel24 browser bookmarks into KWheezy which runs the rel 17.0.8 on the "esr update channel", even on Wheezy 1.3. The bookmarks are rejected.

    2. I was unable to transfer my Mozilla Thunderbird email files - default folder and profiles.ini file - into KWheezy version of Thunderbird, which I have done many times over the past two to three years.

    Any help from KWheezy forums or the development team itself would be appreciated.

    Such fixes will complete my total satisfaction with KWheezy.

    [email protected]

  9. euan on 10/29/2013 8:42 a.m. #

    @W Anderson: firefox-24-esr is coming soon, and thunderbird-24-esr too. What version of Thunderbird are you migrating from?

    I use Thunderbird in the enterprise and find the profile extremely portable.

  10. W. Anderson on 10/29/2013 9:25 a.m. #

    I am presently using Thunderbird rel24.
    Once KWheezy updates to Firefox esr24 and Thunderbird esr24, will Kwheezy attempt to keep the Mozilla security or critical other updates in line with the Mozilla offerings?

  11. euan on 10/29/2013 9:35 a.m. #

    @W. Anderson: Yes, but I can't promise how soon after they come out. I have spent a lot of time on other aspects of Kwheezy (v1.3) recently. So I'm a bit behind with the latest 17 ESR updates. I am going to try and script the process so it will be faster in future. The package I produce is pure upstream from Mozilla, plus a couple of extensions.

  12. naughtysnake on 10/29/2013 5:05 p.m. #

    @Cris Debian itself works great! You just have to know how to make it run properly.

  13. Cris on 10/29/2013 7:57 p.m. #

    @naughtysnake It is true that Debian works fine, but the derivatives like Mint Debian gave me problems. it is nice to have a S.O. based on Debian complete as Kwheezy.

  14. euan on 10/31/2013 11:24 a.m. #

    @W. Anderson: Well, just updated to latest security releases for the mozilla packages. Now there is a serious security issue in these versions. Would have been better sticking to 17.0.8 LOL.

  15. euan on 10/31/2013 11:40 a.m. #

    @W. Anderson: Hmmm, I may have misinterpreted the article. If so, it's badly written in parts. It says "The Mozilla products affected are Firefox 25, Firefox ESR 24.1 ...". Which I assumed to mean those recent versions (i just packaged) have the vulnerabilities. It seems whilst trying to track doen the patches, those 10 patches are applied to the recent updates on Tuesday. So it looks like we are OK... as far as we know.

    It seems being on ESR doesn't offer much benefit over the regular releases in terms of security. It's a shame that these days we can't have flawless software. It's all features, features, features!

  16. BSam on 11/05/2013 7:46 a.m. #


    I have been tried to install Kwheezy 1.3, but without success. Actually, when I start the icon "Install Kwheezy" I can proceed up to Initiate installation, and then clicking on the icon "Install" nothing happens - 0% installation progress. I was waiting more than one hour and still was 0%.
    I do not know what is the problem?
    I have hp elitebook, Intel i5, 1.8GHz, intel hd graphics 4000, 8Gb RAM.


  17. euan on 11/06/2013 2:47 a.m. #

    @BSam: I think it may just be that sometimes the progress bar doesn't update. It runs in a seperate thread than the copy operation but still, it doesn't get chance to update. The copy operation uses a lot of CPU and I/O (hard drive).

    If you look at the conly (staus info - top right) it will show the CPU usage in a graph. Also, the highest cpu process will be rsync when it is copying. It may be that you aborted install just before completion. If the CPU is low and no rsync running the installation has probably failed. Otherwise it is busy installing.

    Try again, this time you may get the progress bar. Otherwise look for the signs whether it is copying files and wait longer. It can take over an hour on old/slow hardware.

  18. BSam on 11/07/2013 2:54 p.m. #

    I found what is my problem: I have installed linux mint 15 on my HDD (128Gb SSD), and when I choose in section Drive selection : whole drive, separate home partition (recommended), then my progress bar doesn't update. On other hand, when I choose 'Manual partitioning'(which is again automatically done), then my progress bar starts to copy filesystems up to 34%, and cannot further to continue.
    It says that I have no more space in the home folder (O MB) and that I should delete some files, but I can see nothing in my home folder when I use kwheezy livecd, except the folder Downloads which is empty.

    I am trying to somehow resize my partition on hdd using kde partition manager on the kwheezy, but for still now without success.

    Any advice what should I do?

  19. euan on 11/08/2013 1:17 a.m. #

    That doesn't make sense. Are you trying to preserve the mint installation? If not, whole drive is best option. you try to create new partition table. make sure you are selecting the correct drive. how much ram? maybe you are running out of ram, live session runs from ram.

  20. BSam on 11/08/2013 3:12 a.m. #

    I do not want to preserve the mint installation.
    I have 8Gb ram, and in my opinion it is more than enough for the live session.

    I have already tried with whole drive, and have been waiting more than an hour, but nothing was happened.

    I will try again..

    Thanks for your help.

  21. euan on 11/08/2013 9:18 a.m. #

    @BSam: hmm, strange. i can only think its the media or dvd drive compatability. you need to use DAO and preferably DVD-R. if you have a 4gb usb drive, it may be sucessful doing usb install. instructions on website. 8gb is plenty of ram.

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