Version 1.1 released!

Last update on Sept. 21, 2013.

Version 1.1 released!

Version 1.1 is now available from the download page.

The new version is geared towards better locale/language support. Keyboard selection and installing addition locales for better language support.

Changes in version 1.1:

  • Minor improvements to the installer. Including the hardware clock to local-time fix.
  • Keyboard selection before and after installation. New app called "Kwheezy Keyboard Selector".
  • Locale (language) support. New app called "Kwheezy Localizer".
  • Firefox/Thunderbird language extensions.
  • Firefox now supports magnet links out-the-box and Flashgot addon enabled with Kget as download manager.
  • KDE Touchpad Configuration now installed by default.
  • No login sound in Live session (speeds it up a bit).
  • A few other minor stuff.
As usual, you can upgrade to Kwheezy 1.1 from the Kwheezy repository via Apper or apt-get.

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  1. Glyn on 08/15/2013 4:11 p.m. #

    Many thanks for such a great distro! I just have one minor annoyance that I can't seem to rectify. I prefer to have greater spacing between launcher icons. I've tried changing the default icon size in settings, changing the panel size and swapping themes but they still remain squashed together?

    It is also confusing knowing where to post support requests. I saw the forum at SourceForge but there were no entries.

    Otherwise, before this takes off as I'm sure it will, I would seriously consider changing the name. Wheezy in itself is time limited anyway and although there is a tradition of oddball names with Linux, something more generally appealing will increase your exposure to a greater potential audience.

  2. euan on 08/15/2013 4:52 p.m. #

    @Glynn: For some reason the Panel icon size in "KDE system settings > Application Appearance > Icons > Advanced" doesn't seem to take effect. A question for the KDE developers.

    However, as for spacing, I can help you. The widget for open applications "Icon Only Task Manager" has a spacing setting; right click on the space in the middle of panel and you'll see the settings option. Also, you can add a "Spacer" widget between each of the application launcher icons. Initially the spacer will be long, but you can manually set the length when in Panel edit mode (click on teardrop at bottom right).

    As for support requests; there's a form on the support page of the website, that's the prefered method. Also, these comments are fine for open discussion. Otherwise, the forums are probably the best. I guess nobody wants to be the first to post on the Forums LOL. Somebody commented on there being no forum so I created one. But more than a week later and no posts :(

  3. euan on 08/15/2013 5:25 p.m. #

    About the name Kwheezy. Originally Kwheezy was designed to just be a good pre-configured Debian KDE based on wheezy. It wasn't supposed to be a distro in the traditional sense. Debian would be your distro and community. However, I have come to realize most folk want to have something installed which is part of a community. It's more than just a bundle of software. So, in that sense, Kwheezy was perhaps a bad choice. I like how it sounds, and I like how it says exactly what it is, but the time limited bit is the problem. I guess I didn't know how far I would take it when I started the branding. I am determined to continue making Debian KDE easier and better, especially the Kwheezy tools. I will just have to see how many people are still using it by the time Jessie hits freezing point. Maybe I'll rename it Distro X... from the makers of Kwheezy. LOL. One things for sure, Kjessie doesn't roll off the tongue well :)

  4. SamShovel on 08/25/2013 11:57 a.m. #

    Hey Euan,
    I'd like to thank everyone involved in producing
    Kwheezy. Personally I think that the name great.
    Kwheezy is certainly a name made for fame. Please don't change it.
    I am a complete neophyte when it comes to UNIX/GNU/Debian/Linux type systems. I have been a fan of RHS for many years and the whole FOSS movement. Anyway, here I am. I am just starting to learn the command line and BASH, so I am a happy puppy with your distro as everything works and I installed it on my Lenovo laptop that I just inherited from my son. Kwheezy is just so beautiful that I think I will stick with it for quite a while. The only thing that I couldn't get set is local time but have about adjusted to GMT. I look forward to a forum and maybe helping out in some way once I know what I'm doing.

  5. euan on 08/26/2013 1:26 a.m. #

    @SamShovel: Thanks for your kind feedback. There is a forum, you can find it from the website. Put a question on the forum and I'll help you with the time setting issue.

  6. lemorte on 08/31/2013 10:27 p.m. #

    Thanks to Euan and everyone contribute for this great distro. I love KDE on top of Debian, that's the reason I use Sidux for a long time, move to aptosid and now Kwheezy. My distro hopping adventure has reach an end.

    I know LXDE is faster than KDE, but making a distro is not an easy task. If any of you want to use other window manager or DE, use apper or apt-get to install it. It's not hard isn't it?

    Or just contribute and make Kwheezy spin with LXDE.

  7. how to shutdown windows 8 on 09/19/2013 8:15 p.m. #

    Quick question here.. how do we close Windows 8 easily?

  8. euan on 09/20/2013 6:21 a.m. #

    @Windows 8 user: Perform these steps:

    1.) Pull out the power cord.
    2.) Remove battery (if laptop).
    3.) Plug back in the power cord / battery.
    4.) Take your copy of Kwheezy and insert into the DVD drive.
    5.) Follow Instructions here:

    Sorry. Normally I delete the spam posts, but i couldn't resist!

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