Digikam 3.2 updated

Last update on Oct. 23, 2013.

Digikam 3.2 updated

The digikam3 (3.2.0) package has been updated to include some fixes.

Warning: digikam3 is a crude package. It conflicts with official Debian 7.x packages.

It works and it shouldn't break your system, but ONLY USE IT IF YOU REALLY NEED IT!

I use it myself and I have no problems so far, but it's not a well tested package.
Use at your own risk.  

The digikam3 package is only available for 64bit installations (amd64 / x86_64). It is a crude package, meaning that it does not fit in neatly with the Debian repository. It will remove digikam, showfoto, kipi-plugins etc. from the official debian repository. It replaces them with a single package that is installed to /opt. It includes a large stack of libraries that Digikam 3.2.0 needs that are not available (versions too low) in the Debian stable repository. It is a stop-gap measure for anyone that doesn't want to update to 'testing' or 'unstable' for a newer version of Digikam. It also replaces "Acquire Images" (scangui) and "DNG Converter", since they're in the kipi-plugins package.

Why the need for Digikam 3.x?

Digikam 3.0 upwards supports Canon RAW format 2. If you have a recent canon camera like I do, the RAW photos (.CR2) do not open / edit properly in Digikam 2.9 and below. The reason is that Canon updated the file format and didn't allow backward compatability. So you would have two choices, don't take pictures in CR2, or don't use Debian stable. But now you have another choice, install digikam3 from the Kwheezy repository.

How to install it?

Method 1) Via Apper (in applications menu): Go to Update -> check for updates. Then go back to main page and type digikam3 in the search bar, hit <enter>. Select digikam3, click on "Install" (right) and then "Apply" (bottom right). When the "Additional changes" dialog appears, click "Continue".

Method 2) Via terminal (command prompt): Open Konsole and type the following commands


Enter the 'root' password.

apt-get update

apt-get upgrade

Answer "yes" to upgrade your system.

apt-get install digikam3

Answer "yes" to allow removal and installation of dependencies.

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