Support Options:
  • Visit the wikis section to search for how-to guides, tutorials etc.
  • Visit the Kwheezy Forums and browse existing support threads for a solution.  Ask a question or give feedback by starting your own thread.
  • Contact the Kwheezy developers directly with any questions or feedback regarding Kwheezy. They are always pleased to talk to you. Remember to leave a valid email address, that's how they will contact you. The contact form is below.

Contact Kwheezy developers

Since Kwheezy is 100% compatible with Debian 7.2, it is possible to use the Debian support channels.

We recommend to use the Kwheezy support options first. If you can't get an answer there, then try the Debian support options (below).

Any issues related to installation should definitely be directed to Kwheezy support!

When asking for help on the Debian support channels, please start your thread (conversation) by explaining you use Kwheezy. Although Kwheezy is compatible with Debian 7.x, it is not actually Debian.

Debian support links

Debian website:

Debian wikis:

Debian forums: