System Requirements


  • CPU: Intel Pentium or above, AMD K5 or above

  • RAM (memory): 500MB (32bit) , 1GB(64bit) or above

  • HDD (free disk space): 18GB or above

  • Graphics: VGA capable of 1024x768


  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or above, AMD K10 (Phenom) or above

  • RAM:  1GB (32bit), 2GB (64bit) or above

  • HDD (free disk space): 30GB or above

  • Graphics: 64MB with OpenGL 3.0 or above

  • Audio: 16bit audio, AC'97 or above

Version 1.5 Released!

Attention: for 32bit installations:

follow this guide to install a modern 32bit kernel.

Torrent 32bit

          Download http/ftp mirror provided by the good folks at Linux Freedom

Download 32bit US Download 32bit Europe
size: ~3.7GB

Kwheezy 1.5 md5sum:

Kwheezy 1.4 md5sum:

Kwheezy 1.3 md5sum:

Kwheezy 1.2 md5sum:

Kwheezy 1.1 md5sum:

Kwheezy 1.0.1 md5sum:

Kwheezy 1.0 md5sum: 1728473b199650989fcc9ed66b1191a7

How to make a bootable Live USB stick

Last update on Oct. 24, 2013.

How to make a bootable Live USB stick

This guide will show you how to make a bootable USB memory stick (pendrive) for installing Kwheezy. Or perhaps just to use as a portable Live session.

This guide requires that you have an existing Linux or *BSD installation. We will be using the dd command.

The dd command is very powerful, be very careful when using it, particulary when specifying the drive.

First, make sure you have the iso (image) file you want to image to the USB stick. Let's say it's in your Download folder. Open the command terminal.

Plug in the USB stick. In the ...

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How to burn a Live CD

Last update on Oct. 23, 2013.

How to burn a Live CD

This guide will help you to burn (write) a downloaded Live CD image (.iso file) to a CD/DVD.

On Windows

The easiest way on Windows is to download and use "Free ISO Burner".

1.  Download free ISO Burner from here.

2.  Double-click on the FreeISOBurner file that you just downloaded. The Free ISO Burner program will start.

3.  Insert a blank disc in your drive.

4.  Click the Open button next to the empty space within the ISO File section, near the top of the program window.

5.  When the Open window appears, locate and select the ISO file ...

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Installation Guide

Last update on Oct. 6, 2013.

Installation Guide

This guide assumes you have already done the following:

  • Downloaded the installation iso image from here.
  • Burnt the image to a blank DVD. How to burn a Live CD
  • Have 18GB or more hard disk drive (HDD) space available.
Click on the images to see them in full size. 

Now lets begin the installation:

1 - Boot into Kwheezy LiveCD

Power on the computer and boot from the DVD drive. This can be done in either of two ways;

  1. in the BIOS, setting the boot priority of the DVD drive to first boot (consult your hardware's manual if necessary).
  2. selecting ...

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